1) Whitelist your Message templates in DLT portals

Please gather all your templates/ message content and start uploading them under different categories i.e. Transactional /Service Implicit/Service Explicit /Promotional. Aside for Service explicit and Promotional Messages a special template named as consent template needs to be uploaded and approved. Please refer to the attached Template creation handbook to have clarity over the type of Content templates and consent templates. Similar to the Sender ID upload process, you need to upload these templates with any one operator DLT portal and templates will get synced across all other DLT portals/platforms. You can find the detailed step by step guide for Templates addition as well as definition documents Click here

2) DLT Error Codes update

DLT platforms have incorporated a new set of error codes for messages that are rejected due to failure of various compliance checks. Please ensure your applications have the updated Error Codes mapped. Please find the updated list of error codes click here