Security Seal SMS

Product With Security Code

Customer send's security code to shortcode/longcode/Virtualnumber in return gets response as product which he purchased is original or duplicate.

Protect your brand from Piracy One of the biggest challenges of establishing a successful brand today is Piracy. It takes years to build a reputable brand and once it reaches the pinnacles of success, dubious manufacturers like parasites piggyback on your success. Technology has a solution to protect you from this theft. Security Seal by SMSZone provides you with the following unique service to protect your brand.

  • We will provide you with stickers with a unique code printed on them.
  • We will upload the list of uniquecodes provided to you in our database.
  • Your customers will send this unique code to us via SMS
  • We will verify from our database if the code is valid and send a reply to your customer. (Eg: Thank you for purchasing a product. This product is verified to be original.)
  • We will give you the list of numbers of your customers for your follow ups.
  • In the above scenario, even if someone tries to stick a similar looking sticker on a fake product, when the customer sends that code to us, we will not find it in our database and will reply the customer with an appropriate message (Eg: The product which you are using appears to be fake. Please contact for verification) All this is available to you for just Rs.0.50 per sticker which includes replying your customers. (Minimum of Rs.1000 worth of stickers) Contact us at and we will work at providing a airtight security solution to protect your brand.