Send Sms Using Your Website / Application Using Our Http Api/Webservices


Send SMS using your website / Application using our HTTP API/Webservices

  • SMS Api allows you to send SMS to any one from your website, software or even from your mobile.
  • You have the flexibility of managing your website/application the way you want and send SMS using
    our Gateway using following HTTP GET Api.


  • There is no additional cost to use our HTTPAPI/ Webservices.
  • Just ensure that there is balance in your account.
Send parameters and their meanings
Username : Your SMSZone username. 
Password : Your SMSZone password. 
SenderId : (Optional use if you have multiple senderid configured) Your SenderID/HeaderID configured with SMSZone. 
Number : The mobilenumbers (comma seperated) to which the message needs to be sent. 
Message : The message which needs to be sent.
ScheduleDate : (Optional Paramter) You can specify future date/time when message needs to be sent. By default, the message will be delivered immediately.
Tid : (Optional Paramter) The DLT Template Id if Sending Message in India.
SMS API,mobileno2&message=yourmessage