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What is SMS Alerts ?
  • SMS Alerts help communicate important message to your customer, friend or business partner. There are various forms of SMS Alerts. At SMSZone we help you setup your Alerts for your business or personal use. For example - If you are an Astrologer we can help you setup Schedule SMS for daily Astrology alerts to your members. If you are a Stock Broker we can help you by setting up a Web-Pannel or Excel Plugin where you can push Stock alerts or tips with a single click. Below are some examples where SMS Alerts can be used
    Stock Alerts : Setup your own Stock alert platform to send trading tips and alerts.
    Bank Alerts: Banks can use this to send alert messages to their customers when they complete any transaction. Ex; Cheq Clearance, Amount Withdrawn etc.
    Premium Alerts: Schedule alerts for premium dates.
    Rent Alerts: Co-Operative societies can set up alerts for their members to pay their rent bills on time.
    Bill Payable: Set up auto-alert for your customers to pay their bills on time, remind them few days before bill date.
    Product Update: Alert your customers about new release of your product or any event.
    Event Alert: Alert your staff about an event that would take place.
    Parents Alert: Send alert messages to parents regarding performance of their students in the school or collage.
    Activity Alert: Alert your members about any important activity that would be taking place in your club or group.
    Birthday Alerts : Schedule Birthday greetings months in advance or send them today.
    Wedding Invites: Send Wedding invitations to your friends and families with SMS, its fast and easy.
    Function Invite: Send any function invite with a single click. You can even send from your Mobile with Mobile App.
    Death Alert: Its sad but its true and at this time SMS works best, it can help instantly alert everyone in the group.