We belive in simplicity, this can be seen here in our simple non-complicated privacy policy.

a) We would never send you any un-solicited emails or messages unless they are important alerts for your account up-keep.

b) We would never share your data or email addresses with any one (including our partners) for any marketing or promotional messages unless you optin to receive such messages using our optin facility.

c) Your Email Addresses, Numbers are safe on smszone.in website, We don't sell data, Our business is to allow our customers to send Bulk Messages, Private Messages, Alert Messages etc and this is the reason why we never offer Free SMS'es (except promotional discounts)

d) All your data files, message templates execpt kept for public use are 100% safe. We would ensure and take best effort in securing all this data to keep them confidential. We take lot of effort in safe-guarding our servers from various attacks. However being on the web is always vulnerable to Attacks.